Kabayan Weekly
Kabayan Weekly is a media platform that focuses on delivering news and information to all Filipino expatriates, as well as to other nationalities, in the United Arab Emirates.

Kabayanweekly.com is the online news and entertainment portal of Kabayan Weekly, the first and by far the leading Filipino newspaper in the United Arab Emirates.

It features local and international news, including entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business, technology, opinion, and others.

It also features the whole Kabayan Weekly newspaper’s content.

Kabayan Weekly newspaper
Kabayan Weekly newspaper is a 32-page tabloid-size periodical printed publication. It targets the UAE’s escalating population of Filipino expatriates. It has a weekly circulation of 70,000 copies that are strategically distributed across the country – all for FREE!

It is published every Thursday. It aims to connect Filipinos in the UAE through their actual lives and experiences as overseas Filipino workers vis-á-vis the current events happening back home in the Philippines.

Over 700,000 Filipino expatriates work and live in the UAE for years now, accounting to more than 12 percent of the country’s total population. They view UAE as their second home. Cross-sections of the UAE-Filipino populace are also taking their families here to stay.

It informs, entertains, and educates as it updates its readers on anything latest and is meant for public service. Contents of the newspaper are written both in English and Tagalog – the Filipino native tongue.

Kabayan Weekly magazine
Kabayan Weekly magazine is a 36-page FREE magazine. Its 20,000 copies are published and distributed monthly along with Kabayan Weekly newspaper.

It delivers news and feature articles that bring inspirations and motivations to all its readers. Its regular contents are Expat’s Life, Travel and Tourism, Karapatan de Papel, Taste Buds and Newsmakers.

Expat’s Life, or expatriate’s life, features inspiring stories of Filipino expatriates in the UAE. Travel and Tourism, on the other hand, features different hotels, restaurants and places people would love to go and visit. Essential laws, legal advices and inquiries about legal matters are featured in Karapatan de Papel. Taste Buds teaches food-loving people how to cook and prepare different recipes. Newsmakers features pertinent news and events. It also reports on related subjects such as trends, culture, health, science, and communication and technology, among others.

Other Facts
The term “kabayan” is a by-word used by Filipinos to address a compatriot. It was derived from Filipino word “bayan” which means town or homeland.

The owner and publisher, Atallah Muhammad Habib, conceptualized Kabayan Weekly operation to bridge the employment-related discrepancies that affect the lives of Filipino expats across the country.

The pitfalls involved in seeking work in the UAE and the strife of Filipino families in the Philippines in sending their next of kin – professional or skilled – to the UAE inspired the publisher to pursue Kabayan Weekly operations attributing its sustainability to the full support of the Filipino communities in the endeavors behind the paper’s missions and visions.

Kabayan Weekly’s editorial staff is a team of seasoned Filipino journalists and office support service personnel that are expert in crafting an efficient print media package. Correspondents and reporters are assigned in various beats backing up the team’s journalistic turf. The bottom line of all conceptual inputs and concerns at hand is within the bounds of a sound editorial judgment.

Kabayan Weekly is geared to enhance the merits of truth, credibility, integrity and professional ethics in the field of journalism. Kabayan Weekly newspaper and magazine’s contents are all in accordance to the Islamic doctrine and practices with due respect to the UAE norms, moral fibre, customs and traditions.