A Filipina expatriate accused an Indian man of threatening and blackmailing her after they met on an online dating site in Dubai.

As per Khaleej Times, the 39-year-old Filipina saleswoman disclosed that she me the 31-year-old Indian salesman who introduced himself as a French national on the social networking site, Wechat, back in October 2018.

“I sent him my photo and a video of me naked taking shower,” she recalled, adding their relationship “became close and she told him that she was looking for a job.

“I told him about my social and financial conditions. He told me he would send me his personal secretary’s number to send him my resume. I sent it on WhatsApp on October 29, to the number he gave me but then the receiver told me about his desire to have sex with me.

“I rebuffed him telling him that I was having an affair with his boss,” she said during the public prosecution investigation.

Little did the Filipina knew that the accused man was the boss himself.

On November 3, the Indian man told the victim that he was the “French” manager.

He said he lied to her and insisted she have sex with him but she kept pushing him away.

“He then demanded AED2,000, threatening that he would circulate my video if I did not pay him the cash,” she told the prosecutor.

CID officers arrested the defendant on November 6. A pair of transcripts of WhatsApp conversations between the accused and the complainant were used as evidence.

In addition, a video stored in the defendant’s seized mobile phone, was found to contain an indecent and inappropriate material, as per a report from the electronic criminal evidence department. 

The defendant admitted during interrogation that he threatened and blackmailed the victim with the compromising video.

The Indian man will be sentenced on February 28.