A Filipino expatriate in Dubai faced trial on Sunday, at the Dubai Court of First Instance, after she admitted that she posted pictures of her husband’s family members online and then threatened to kill him.

As per Khaleej Times, the 34-year-old Filipina defendant admitted to the public prosecution that she had set up a Facebook page for the 31-year-old Yemeni complainant.

Her alleged wrongdoings took place in September and October 2018. A complaint was lodged at Al Qusais police station before she was arrested on December 16, 2018.

The Filipina, facing charges of making criminal threats, verbal abuse, libelling and circulating others’ pictures without their consent via social media, could be “strictly punished according to the law” upon the request of prosecutors.

Public prosecution records show she sent messages with abusive content to her husband via WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat.

She also posted his family’s photos on Instagram and Facebook.

According to the Yemeni complainant, his friend brought to his attention in September, last year, that there were pages in his name on Instagram and Facebook. “I checked both accounts and saw there my family photos and my pictures. I found out later it was the defendant behind it,” he said, adding he complained against her as she also verbally abused him in messages she sent via WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat.

The Filipina woman confessed she posted pictures of herself and him, his father and his second wife. She also admitted she insulted and threatened to kill him.

As many as 36 conversation transcripts, relevant to the case, were used as prosecution evidence.

A ruling will be issued on February 26, 2019.