It may have come two years late but justice has finally been served over the suicidal death suffered by a Filipino expatriate due to the blackmail he received from his former Pakistani workmate.

A Dubai Court recently convicted the Pakistani man of issuing threats and blackmail that will put him behind bars for six months and immediate deportation at the end of his sentence.

According to The National, the Pakistani defendant, 23, used pictures he had gained of the Filipino worker with another man as leverage to secure an iPhone.A Filipino man, who was with the offender’s ex-colleague on the images, did not report the incident to authorities and instead took his own life at a labor accommodation in Al Muhaisnah on July 29, 2017.

Authorities then found a suicide note among his belongings, stating he had killed himself and detailed the initials of the blackmailer and called on police to arrest him.

A comprehensive investigation was made from then on and the deceased’s colleague was later arrested in connection with the incident. He admitted during police questioning that he had used images of the victim that he had in his possession for his own personal gain.

“He (the deceased) had an affair with an Arab man who used to work with me before he resigned and returned to his home country,” said the accused to prosecutors.

“After his return, he sent me intimate pictures of him with the deceased and I used these pictures to blackmail the deceased into buying me an iPhone.” the accused added.

Prosecutors said the guilty party had threatened to post the images, which he has received in WhatsApp messages, on social media unless he received an iPhone 5s.