A Filipino favorite fastfood chain may have been one of the best fried chickens in the world, but, sorry, it’s french fries apparently could not keep up with its main competitors.

At least, that’s what the Los Angeles Times published recently, placing its french fries in the bottom four of the power ranking among fast-food french fries. 

“(T)he fries on my visit weren’t really up to snuff,” wrote Lucas Kwan Peterson, the author of the article.

“They had a vaguely sweet, almost pastry-like overtone that didn’t jibe with their being otherwise fairly flat and tepid.”

According to Peterson, he tried French fries from 19 different fast-food chains in the United States and judged them according to taste and texture.

Interestingly, the Filipino brand, which is considered as one of the fastest rising fastfood chains in the world, placed 14 spots lower than American flagship McDonald’s, which is high up at number two.

Burger chain Five Guys, which Peterson described as a “generous heap of hot, properly salted, natural-cut spuds, with a good balance between crispy fries and the odd one that’s pleasingly soft,” occupied the top spot.

While the Filipino fastfood chain ranking could raise some eyebrows, especially from the Filipino community itself, Peterson ranked American favorite and California icon In-N-Out at the tail-end.

“(They’re) bland, crumbly little matchsticks that aren’t improved by any amount of ketchup, salt, cheese, or salad dressing you want to add to them,” Peterson wrote.

However, Peterson could not help but admit that the Filipino food chain store still offers some food that could live up to the hype.