A Filipina maid returned home to the Philippines for fears over her employer who was allegedly practicing black magic against her.

As per The National, the Filipina identified as Rose 37, was terrified after she found voodoo dolls, a book of Satanic verse and a photo of her all hidden in a box, presumably belonging to her employer, while she was cleaning her employer’s villa in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Stunned by what she discovered, Rose “did not give her full name and even sought legal advice so she could quit her job and leave the country.

“I found a box of small dolls and a book on black magic,” Rose, a mother of two, was quoted as saying by The National.

“I pulled out another box and there was a photo of a woman. When I looked at it again, I realized it was a photo of me,” she added.

“There was a metal triangle with some inscriptions. I asked an Arabic speaker what it meant but they didn’t understand the writing. I was shocked,” she said.

“I was scared to live in the house, so felt I had to leave as soon as possible,” she added.  

Good thing for Rose, officials from the Philippine consulate in Dubai responded to her call and had helped the woman return home.

“It is very hard for us to check every agency and who they are placing live-in maids with, particularly those who may be recruiting illegally,” Philippine General Consul Paul Cortes said.

“When complaints like this are made, we can take the details of those concerned and pass them on to the relevant authority in Manila. If anyone is in distress, they can access financial help to aid their repatriation,” he added.

As per UAE rules, practicing black magic is illegal and customs legislation prohibits the import of animal bones, amulets and other objects that might be associated with sorcery.

Falsely claiming someone can be cured of illness or benefit financially by using black magic is also considered fraud under federal law, the report added.