By Johanna Lois Serohijos

Overpacking does not only lead to spending extra cash for baggage excess, but it can also add fuel to the fire on a hassle trip. Here are a few tricks we’ve gathered from experts, travellers, and our personal trips that can help you out.

1. Start with a smaller suitcase.

The tendency with smaller suitcases is that, you will be more inclined to make fit all your things in the smaller bag,  given the limited size and space. In other words, you will be subconsciously requiring yourself to bring only the most essential trips, no extra thingymajigs allowed.

2. Throw in what you will wear, not what you might wear.

We understand that one must be scoutlike when travelling, but to effectively pack light, we highly encourage to prioritize what you will actually wear in the entire duration of your trip. To help you better, plan your daily outfits ahead and stick to your plan religiously. It may also help to pack pieces you can re-wear throughout.

3. Keep toiletries in small quantities.

Unless you plan to relocate, it is a big red light to bring huge tubs of your favorite moisturizer when travelling. There is a reason small empty bottles are sold mostly everywhere, consider putting them to good use. (Plus, airlines have limitations on the amount of liquids allowed.) Also, if you’re staying at a place where toiletries are free, make use of them. You do not only save suitcase space, but you also save money.

4. Consider switching to e-book for a bit.

Some of us still prefer to read in between flights and bus or train rides, but while reading is a good idea to kill time, that book may be too bulky in the long run. Try switching to its e-book version instead. And when you’re back home, you can go ahead and read it in paperback.

5. Wear bulky, pack light.

Let’s say you want to bring two pairs of footwears on your trip. Instead of randomly squeezing in either one, decide first which one is lighter than the other. When you’ve come to a conclusion, pack the lighter one and wear the bulky one on the way to your destination. If you can layer your airport outfit with clothes, that would be ideal.

6. Maximize all the spaces you can get.

This does not only limit to the spaces in your luggage, but to all spaces you can get with all your belongings combined. For example, you may roll your socks around your travel bottles and slip them inside your shoes. This is a useful trick to make room especially when you’re already running out of space.

One trip or another, most of us have been guilty of overpacking. But there’s always time to learn and room to improve. While some of the tips will be a tad easier to commit to than the others, it takes some time to master the art of packing light. But for now, slowly settle with those you can follow and work it up along the way. 

We hope we’ve helped you finally zip up that suitcase. Have fun on your next adventure.