An Asian project supervisor on Sunday has been charged by the Court of First Instance with kidnapping and raping a Filipina expatriate at a remote off-road area after he invited her to a dinner date.

Based on public prosecution records, the 29-year-old Pakistani man was able to convince the Filipina accountant to go inside his car, promising her that her safety will be assured when they went out back in November 14.

After spending dinner, the Pakistani man drove the 25-year-old Filipina to a desert location in Jebel Ali, where he raped her twice inside his car.

The man, who is currently detained, was accused by prosecutors of kidnapping, rape and sexual assault charges. The Pakistani, however, claimed it was consensual sex.

During the investigation before the prosecutors, the Filipina victim disclosed how he met the Pakistani defendant.

“We used to chat on WhatsApp. On the day of the incident, I sent him a message, after which he invited me out, promising not to hurt me,” she was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.

After she was picked up around 8:30 p.m. from her workplace, the Filipina disclosed that she was taken to a restaurant and another café.

“However, after that he drove speedily and would not tell me about his destination. He parked somewhere off-road under trees,” she added.

According to the Filipina’s sworn statements, the Pakistani man “stepped off the car, went to her seat and then pulled her to the back of the car where he sexually assaulted the victim while she kicked him.”

The Pakistani man “punched and bit her to stop her from resisting him and then raped her again.

“While she was putting on her clothes, the Pakistani man still forced the Filipina to kiss him while he was filming her.

Before dropping the woman to her place, the Pakistani man bought some bandages and food, as the Filipina suffered some bruises and injuries. He even threatened to kill the Filipina if she reported him to the police.

“He said he had influential connections and that I should answer his messages and calls,” she recounted.

The victim relayed what happened to her friend and they immediately reported it to the authorities.

During the initial report, the Filipina described the crime scene as “unlit and in the middle of nowhere.”

“I could not run away as it was very far from my place and I didn’t know where we were. I did not take any money or any stuff from the defendant,” she told the investigator.

A police officer said they arrested the defendant shortly after receiving the complaint.

The man claimed it was consensual. He said he had pictures of her kissing him. However, the victim said that he took those videos and photos against her will, so to make it took like she was a consenting partner.

“As per a forensic report, the defendant’s DNA traces were found on the victim’s under garments. The investigators added that the emotional way, in which the Filipina victim was recalling the incident, “is an indication that it was a forcible assault.”

The next hearing is scheduled on February 19, 2019.