By Chris Daymon

We all heard about the Fairytale of the Sugar Fairy,   the ruler of the Land of Sweets, a place designed to appeal to children, who generally love candies, everything sweet in her own wonderful world of perpetual Eden.

And there’s one fairy who dwells in Madinat Jumeirah, Jade Saducas, who likes to indulge herself with a Chocolate Fondant or Chocolate Soufflé with vanilla Ice cream, her Russian Honey Cake and her award winning Immortal Treasure Cake. 

Jade is a Cebuana Cake Artist, Chef de Cuisine and Resort Cake Artist at Madinat Jumeirah, who gave a huge honor to the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates to the highest step of the podium of the Cake Designers World Championship.

I dreamed to be a famous fashion designer, not an account  and never a chef. It was unplanned actually.

Her Sugar and Sweet Story:
I am from Cebu, Philippines. I spent my childhood years at the northern part of Cebu called Medellin. It’s 114 km. away from the city. I spent my college years at Cebu City and stayed there after graduating from college. I studied Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy. So I spent my eight years in accountancy working as General Accountant and spent 4 or 5 years working as Sales and Marketing Analyst to Asst. Marketing Brand Manager. While I was doing these, I paired my corporate life with my passion for art – cakes and photography.

It has always been my childhood dream to be a famous fashion designer. My family did not support my decision to take up fine arts, and they see accountancy as the most practical choice for me. So I followed and became an accountant in a big corporation but deep within I know that I had this void that I was trying to figure out and still that is ART. 

When I discovered that I could sculpt through using a sugar paste that awakens the artist in me and from that, I started creating creative cakes and accepting orders, naming my business Creole Cakes. Aside from this, I was into photography. 

I joined competitions and won a grand prize and first prize. My passion for art was soaring. My corporate life was doing great and got promoted as Brand Marketing Manager, Creole Cakes became so famous, and I grew known for my photography. I was doing family portraits, corporate shots, weddings, and newborn photography. Until one day Atlantis offer came and I decided to choose one.


Atlantis the Palm offered me to work for them and opened up their customized cakes business. That was the start of my career here in Dubai. After this, I got an opportunity to work in Australia and Madinat Jumeirah, at this point I was a bit twisted with my options, but I want to stay because I felt I haven’t done my best yet, so I chose Madinat Jumeirah.

I can describe the past 5 months as 99.9% of my life is work, and .01% is sleep. We’ve been rocking at the kitchen for months, and it wasn’t easy. Again, God will never put us on test or challenge without a great reason.

Pastry chef of the year – Jade Saducas, Madinat Jumeirah, Caterer ME Awards 2018/Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah, Dubai /United Arab Emirates (Photo by Grace Guino /ITP Images)


There are two significant achievements that for me are of equal value.

First, Winning the Cake Designer World Championship 2017 amongst 20 countries around the world. It was a huge competition, very tough and challenging.

Second, Winning the Caterer Pastry Chef of the Year 2018. It was a very toughed competitions of skilled Chefs, and our credentials were put under a microscope of jury filtering our achievements and contributions to the industry. Being an Asian and being the only woman in that category and was selected, was indeed an honor for me. Somehow, this will inspire women not to ever give up on their dreams to keep that fire burning in their hearts and to keep their focus high on their goals.


I specialized on creative cakes, weddings, artistic designs, chocolates, sculpting, sugar flowers, pulled sugar and now I am up for the pastry challenge as the Pastry Chef leading the pastry team which handles the biggest banquet and outside catering in Dubai while playing the role as the Resort Cake Artist for the whole Madinat Jumeirah.


For me, one can be creative if he will be open-minded to new trends, consider ideas and opinions, and never be afraid to experiment and take the risk. Sometimes it is very challenging to be extra creative, especially in banquets where we are handling significant volumes so one should be creatively smart without compromising quality and flavor.

Tell us about your experience in the food industry?
It is challenging. It is not easy, but things will fall into places as long as you keep your focus on your goals.

What is going to be the next big thing in the food world?
The competition and market share are getting tighter with the existence of new players in the food industry. I don’t think there is the next big thing aside from continuing to evolve regarding flavors and creativity. The most important is to maintain excellent customer service, create the best customer experience and food quality at the very best.

How do you see yourself few years from now?

To live simply and teach around the world my passion for art and pastry.