By Noriel E. Banes

THIS is perhaps one of the many articles I wrote that made me cringe with the idea that some of us, if not all, need to be taught this simple etiquette that shouldn’t have to be in the first place. However, I too am a victim of the considerable ignorance of people who use elevator without considering others. So, the story begins…

I noticed that two or three people who first entered the elevator position themselves right in front of the elevator door and pretend like they are Kings and Queens. They will stare at you as if saying, “There’s not enough space, back out and wait for the next trip.” Those are the people who have short legs and cannot manage to step back to let other passengers come in. If only God will allow unruly behavior to be okay, I am sure I have pushed a lot of people back in!  So, here’s what we, as passengers, remember when using the elevator:

1.      Enter the elevator and head to the back – This is the right thing to do to give space to people who are also coming in. Now if you have an issue being at the back most part of the elevator, don’t come in first and wait for others to enter before you do. If you stick yourself right in front of the door, you’ll block others and it is very difficult to come in especially if you are blessed with a healthy body. Well, even if you are not, it does not entitle you to own the whole elevator. Again, elevators are for public use, let others take advantage of it. 

Photo courtesy of https://danceswithfat.


2.      Be mindful of your belongings – When I say to be mindful of your belonging, what I mean is, position them in the right place in a way that it won’t disturb others. You should put your bulky bags down or hold them in front of you.

3.      Tone down your voice – When you answer your phone, do it in a manner that you can’t disturb others. It is awkward hearing other people’s plan for tonight, or what to eat at dinner, or anything that people don’t need to know. Also, a high-toned voice is hurtful to the ears.

4.      Don’t move a lot – I know that exercising is healthy, but the elevator is not the right place to exercise, especially if there are people inside. Wait until everyone’s out before you do your big movements. When it is crowded inside, be mindful of your movements as you may hit others in the face. So, please don’t move a lot, just don’t!

5.      Give priority to the pregnant, senior citizens, and people with disabilities – This is very self-explanatory. No need to elaborate more. They are the ones who find it difficult to take the stairs as they have physical limitations. So, let us consider and be kind to them. It is just sad to see sometimes that we cannot be considerate enough to let these people in when we are perfectly able to take the stairs or the escalators.

6.      Don’t akimbo – You know, akimbo may mean a lot. Either one is tired or it is just a mannerism that one can’t let go. But whenever you’re in the elevator, putting your hand side by side your hips consume a lot of space which prevents people from entering. On top of that, elevator isn’t a good place to show your affection with your boyfriend or girlfriend. I see a lot of couple putting one’s arm over the shoulder of the other and that is just not right. Forgive me if I sound bitter with your relationships but come on… I can do that too – but not inside the elevator.

I am pretty sure that you can think of many things to add on the list above. So, feel free to give your suggestions. I hope that this article serves as a reminder that you are not alone, and that people have needs too even in a very simple reason for riding an elevator.