By Kab. Chris Daymon

Photos: Tina Patni, Rozen Antonio

Hair and Make Up: Jojo Dantespadua 

Assisted by Miguel Briantn

BECOMING a fashion protégé is a passion for creating beautiful things. You have to submit samples of your work, some sketchbooks, a portfolio full of ideas and illustrations, plus lady luck should be on your side, especially applying to one of the biggest fashion houses in Dubai. The Michael Cinco’s Atelier. (Atelier is an artist’s or designer’s studio or workroom)

Couture dress specifically made for clients ensures that the outfit a woman is wearing is absolutely impeccable and that the unique textiles give luxury.

The proteges have absolute freedom to imagine and create, even as they have never ending learning and continue on developing beautiful couture clothes.

You will learn an array of design techniques and tools. You will also develop your own personal style because clients want exciting, fresh innovative designs. That’s what Ronan and JV do. They continue to capsulate World Class Couture Designer Michael Cinco’s ‘Impalpable Dream.’

 The Meteoric Rise of JV Victorino

JV was a graduate of HRM in the Philippines but found his edge in designing. “I’m more happy when I’m doing some sketch, painting, doing some artworks; it makes me feel connected on what I’m doing.” It started when (I) and my sister saw Michael Cinco in a hotel lobby hall. Because I was a really big fan, without hesitation, I bolted straight in front of him and asked for a photo. We chatted and he suggested that I should study fashion designing in Slims School of Fashion, the same school where he attended before. I took his advice and after I graduated, I was really lucky enough that he gave me the opportunity to work for him here in Dubai. 

I always go with the classic; you can never go wrong with simple yet elegant.  I decided fashion design because I feel attached in every single way. Working in a fashion industry requires you to work with so much different types of people. So just be you. Do what make you happy. Share thoughts and share your knowledge. And the most important thing is do what you love.

For me, Michael Cinco is a PURE TALENT. He works with passion and love for his crafts. Despite his success, he remained humble and ‘grounded’. Behind his dark glasses, he is keen and very perfectionist when it comes to work. He wants everything to be perfectly done. Aside from that, he shares his knowledge and talent to everyone but the best thing that I admired from him, he always put God in every design that he does. 

Ronan Cabrito Opina: The Glorious Years

While Ronan was working with Rene Salud in Davao Branch and was his first design job back in early 2000. He also collaborated with Juliet Pamintuan Design, Chardin Davao – House of Style, and My Beadworks Design Shop, respectively, until 2012.

I trained and was able to explore, developed my sense of style, and was able to work with elite and high-society Davao Clientelle and even outside Davao. I was able also to showcase big fashion shows around Mindanao and Metro Manila, like the Philippine Fashion Week.

For me, fashion can be described in many ways. As a fashion for many decades, my personal interpretation for fashion would be a pattern for one’s personal characteristic — lifestyle that can be formed into a dramatic identity.

For me, Michael Cinco’s personality can be described as very generous, family-oriented person, prayerful, and shy, as a friend. No one knows he’s funny in person, never keep secrets. As a boss and as creative director, he never gets tired to share ideas and techniques. He’s strict to quality and constructions — a perfectionist. He never says “no” or “I don’t know” if being asked questions about the work at hand. In my general calculation, he’s just simply adorable.. I mean.. impalpable!

Fashion is a huge industry and trend forecasting plays a vital role. The dramatic look is intense, sleek, sharp-edged, powerful and couture. One must be creative, have good communication skills (necessary in dealing with clients), keen eye for new ideas and good artistic vision. We never stop learning for learning in fashion is a continuous process.

If you want to stay connected with fashion and its trends, then, first, you must have to visit places, where people are well-dressed and connected with fashion.