By Chris Daymon

Photos supplied

HE BRINGS a creative, artistic way into everything with his photography skills and wanted to concentrate seriously on couture shoots for Editorials and Fashion, collaborating with famous designers like ‘The Impalpable’ Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos and Furne One.
He is now considered one of the most successful Filipino fashion photographers in the Dubai industry, shooting regularly for many different fashion magazines.
Rozen Antonio brings a unique style to photo couture journalism, which which made a huge impact on his own world of photography in Dubai. He was using his camera as a means to explore and understand his environment, where he realizes how elegant that one part can truly be and was really offering something different and unique.
Rozen made us believe in the fantasy of fashion through his camera lenses; through the pages of a magazine he can transport you to a completely different mystifying world, where supermodels live and that’s the reason we’ve fallen head over heels in love with fashion.

It all started from a hobby. Just like the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.’
I remember that time that I asked my friends to model for me. I tried to visualize myself as a professional photographer and snapped their photos and, believe it or not, we buy our own make up and props, etc., in one discount stores here in Dubai because I don’t have any access to get professional models as a beginner.
My first ever paid job is when ‘The Impalpable’ Michael Cinco noticed my work and asked me to do his campaign for BENCH/Cinco. It was the smartest advertising campaign for that season and because of that, it open a lot of doors and opportunities for me by  making the idea of a “cultured” brand. 


The biggest challenges of working in Fashion photography is, I guess, to live and keep your creativity up. We need to find time to create what we love the most, do things that you can openly be creative without boundaries.

Inspirations are everywhere. I find inspirations on magazines I read, social media, even people you see around; you just have to look around and play with your creative mind. I used to turn to magazines, like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc., as sources of inspiration for my vision.

For the record, I am so in love with photographers, like Steven Klein, Mert Atas and Marcus (Mert and Marcus). 

I am also currently proud of my work in the recent photo shoot that I did for Illustrado Magazine, which covers three powerful Filipino Designers, like Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos and Furne Amato.

It’s the first time in the history of fashion that we have these people in one photo shoot.

I love fashion photography because I can turn things into fashionably captivating subjects in one scene. I think it gives it an edge. They are places to go and meet.