Transportation Engineer shares knowledge, blessings to fellow expats in Dubai

Position:Project Manager – Transportation

Employer:Canadian Roads Transport

and Civil Engineering Consultancy

Location:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hometown: Batangas

WELL-VERSED and experienced Filipino engineer in the field of Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Engr. Alain Arostique worked in government municipality and international engineering consultancy, which was normally dominated by Western educated expat.

He stressed, “I’ve been a breadwinner ever since and although I always feel joyful, proud and blessed supporting my family and loved ones, I have this frustration of not being able to do what I want completely like taking a bigger risk because I know a lot of people is depending on me.”

He adds, “Before I went abroad at an early age, my goal is just simple – work hard and provide for my family whom I love the most. But eventually, this vision becomes bigger. I will not only work for my family, I will also work for my future family and at the same time enjoy living in the present.”

He gives priority to competing priorities that must be balanced which he says are family, living the “now” and thinking ahead.

More than a decade abroad

He has been abroad for the last11 years. He worked as a Project Engineer when he first came to the United Arab Emirates.

He relates, “There are two main lessons that I learned working abroad that I wanted to share to other Filipinos. First is to constantly upgrade yourself with learning and second is to spend your hard-earned money wisely. To be able to support my family is everything to me. When I see the smile of my parents, my siblings, my loved ones, it made me realize that all my sacrifices being apart from them is totally worth it.”

The Canadian Roads Transport and Civil Engineering Consultancy where he is presently connected offers expertise on transportation engineering and planning, roads and infrastructure work and project management.

He said, “The most exciting work-related project I’ve been involved to was when I worked at the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. It was fun and exciting because I really felt that my actual work creates an impact to other people lives by analyzing, solving and providing solutions to alleviate traffic road congestion and increase road safety.”

Working student

He was born in 1983. His father, Alex, is a former OFW while his mom Susan is a housewife. His two siblings are Donna Richie, an engineer and Cherie Mae, a nurse.

He graduated from Sta. Rita Elementary School in 1996 and from Batangas National High School in 2000. He started working when he was about 14 or 15 years old. He recalls, “I earned by cleaning public utility jeepneys to support my studies.”

He obtained a degree in Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Batangas in 2005. He’s pursuing a post graduate degree at Ryerson University.

He said, “My greatest achievement in life is being able to provide for my family. Through my efforts, I managed to give my parents a home, build few apartments to sustain their living and the education of my sister. Seeing them happy and well is completing my OFW story of success.”

Engr. Alain B. Arostique

Inspire and share

He stressed, “Not all successful people share their knowledge or blessings, and this is what set me apart I guess. I really wanted to inspire and share more.”

To his fellow expats, these are his pieces of advice: “Always ask God for guidance. Take calculated risks. Never give up and always stand to what you think is just. Failure just like success can be blinding but with God, He can always lead the way and align you in the right direction.”

Like what he always shares in his talks, he reminds his comrades, “If you are not saving in the foreign country you are in – you are wasting the most valuable commodity which is time. Try to re-visit your goal on why you are working harder now, sacrificing being away from family, saving and investing immensely. I hope it is still in line on that same goal that in God’s perfect time you will be reunited with your family permanently.”

He adds, “I don’t want you to end up having money at the last end but have sacrificed other important things like being with your family and missing moments that we cannot turn back. You might have all the money in the future but you have missed the time enjoying it with your parents, siblings and kids because just like you – they are getting old. Make all your sacrifices worthwhile.”

He quips, “I am blessed to have traveled nearly 40 countries and visited cities I have dreamed since I was a child, met wonderful people and learned different culture. It makes me appreciates life more. Although my timeline might be ahead for some, I believe I am still very far from getting to that destination. I want to have my own business and employ more Filipino at home.”