Sold-out: Rocktoberfest Dubai 2017 – Week 4

Week 4 (the Final week) of the 3rd Annual Rocktoberfest this past Friday the 27th of October was greater than I even expected and will be etched in the minds of fans from all over the UAE, KSA, Oman and Qatar who showed up for this Rocktastic event.

The fourth of the four feature bands to play every Friday this month was the sensational SlapShock with GDE, Tsinelas, Verdad, Dayuhan, BulletCells Oceanlight Day, Up The Ante and Gatilyo — all coming on stage to welcome fans from far and near along with the “Slap Army” attending to see their favorite band.

Prior to the show, I had a chance to sit with the members of Slapshock (see the Kabayan Weekly YouTube page for the full interview) and was intrigued by this particular group that did not exude the normal traits of a “Rock Band” except of course the great Artwork (tattoos) adorning their arms. The group, led by Jamir Garcia, was humble beyond their years, reluctant to boast about themselves, kept things in perspective and ensured everyone knew that their focus was the Filipino community and those who supported not only them, but the Filipino Rock community and OPM community, as well. I can honestly say that they now have a new fan in me.

Rocky’s house band and dancers led the way once again with their vocal and dance displays, with no shortage of material to choose from. The excitement of the band themselves led to some anticipated high excitement with the dancers ensuring heads were rockin’ to the beats.

Ocean Light took to the stage and attempted to steal the show with their lead vocalist pronouncing his love of the music by becoming one with it while his band provided the backup with great strums and beats. As they continued into their routine, one could notice the anticipation in the air and as if on cue, Boom! this group exploded into another frenzy of songs, which made the house slowly crumble with the sounds of joy and ecstasy from the crowd.

Dayuhan came on later and in fine fashion, not only picked up where the other bands left off, but took us on a course, which only had one ending-musical bliss! There was no shortage of fans in the Mosh Pit when these guys sounded off as bodies were jumping and crashing into each other, heads bobbing to the tunes and camera flashes popping off everywhere making this a sight to behold. As they continued towards the end of their routine, gasps of breathe could be heard from some as they drifted away from the Mosh Pit to prepare for the next routine.

The night came to a house-collapsing end as Slapshock took to the stage and the crowd roared so loud even the bass guitarist looked out in awe. With a standing only crowd, the Slap Army yelling and bellowing away, Slapshock took the show to another level and expectations. They thundered through various genres of Rock music and introduced some songs from their new album, which really pleased the audience even more and set the night on fire, ahem, excuse me, the early morning. When the clock struck the magic number, Jamir and the crowd decided that enough was not enough and more was needed to feed the Rock-hunger this crowd had and as he and the rest of the band gave in to the rules of sound reluctantly, no one was upset, but rather satiated in some respect.

As I spoke to the members of Slapshock afterwards, I could still feel their vibe reverberating like a homing signal, which even drew me in, and, thus, now I wait until next Rocktoberfest with great anticipation.

Stay tuned to next week as Kabayan Weekly highlights the organizers, host and a few others in my last write up of #Rocktoberfestdxb2017. Rock On!



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