Men urged to do fertility screening

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DUBAI – Men in the UAE are being urged by a health center in Dubai to have fertility screening “since most men are unaware of physical issues that could lead to infertility.”

Infertility in men could be because of a number of reason – one of it is varicocele, which is basically mass of varicose veins in the spermatic cord, and which needs surgery for sperm extraction.

This condition increases the temperature so that the testis gets too warm for normal sperm production and also affects the quality of the sperm – repair will often improve sperm quality.

Other biological issues include infection, ejaculation, tumors, hormone imbalance, certain medication and prior treatments and surgeries.

Obesities, use of tobacco, and stress also affect fertility.

“Unfortunately, our society is such that in cases of infertility, it is more-or-less assumed that the problem lies with the women, which is not always the case,” Mohamed ElKhouly, specialist urologist at Bourn Hall Fertility Center, said.

Most men, according to him, are reluctant to go for screening, since they don’t see the need for it.

“However, regular screening for male fertility health is especially important as many things can go unnoticed until a couple will try to conceive and experience difficulty,” he added.

He added that regular fertility screening for men is just as important as it is for women.

“In fact, we recently came across a couple where the husband was azoospermic – absence of sperm in the ejaculate – for two years due to varicocele.

“He underwent semen analysis that helped him understand what the issue was.

“Fortunately for him, his condition improved with the use of medication and the doctors were able to find a sperm in his ejaculate,” ElKhouly said.

To highlight the importance of fertility screening for men, the center offers complimentary screening for men from November 20 to November 30 at its premises.



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