NO MATTER how late, we join the community of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) In the Philippines and the business community in keeping in our hearts and remembering in our minds the late Founding Chairman and Chairman Emiritus of AIM, Mr. Washington Sycip, who passed away recently, and his valuable works.

“A staunch believer in education and its critical role in uplifting lives and eradicating poverty, Mr SyCip was one of the key proponents behind AIM’s full-time MBA program that was attuned to a developing Asian region. His passion for excellence and commitment to mold business leaders, combined with his unfaltering generosity, led to the foundation of the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business at AIM, which will celebrate its 50th year in 2018,” a statement released by AIM after his demise stated.

Mr. SyCip was deeply involved in AIM’s ongoing transformation to revitalize its role in an emerging ASEAN, and strongly supported its efforts to rebrand and expand program offerings for the next wave of business leaders.

Dr. Jikyeong Kang, president and dean, Asian Institute of Management said: “The passing of Mr. SyCip is a loss that will be felt deeply by those he left behind – particularly the Institute he helped to build. If there was ever a true advocate of education, it was Mr. SyCip. More than being a luminary in the business community, he embodied the image of the socially responsible leader who sought to make a positive impact in his community. Fifty years ago, Mr. SyCip rallied the country’s leaders in academe and business to establish a management school that was relevant to the Asian region and internationally recognized. Mr. SyCip was one of the forward-thinking individuals who called for a more Asia-focused management education – and he is one of the reasons why there is an Asian Institute of Management today.”

For Mr. Peter Garrucho, OBE, chairman of the AIM Board of Trustees, Mr. SyCip has “changed the Philippine business landscape with his efforts to champion the Filipino talent. As the Chairman Emeritus of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Wash was a source of inspiration, pushing us to pursue greater heights for the institution and innovate to respond quickly to the emerging trends sweeping the region. Wash mobilized his vast network and brought together business leaders from around the world to sit on the AIM Board of Governors, bringing their business expertise and passion for education. Not only has he given a significant amount of his resources to AIM, he has also been selfless with his time to provide guidance, and ensure that graduates learned not just sound business acumen, but also professional and personal integrity.”

His passing is not only a great loss to the institution but to the Philippines as a nation, particularly the country’s business community.

We are one with AIM And the business community in believing that his legacy will live on in the institution he founded, especially the alumni who strive to be ethical and responsible business leaders, living up to Mr. SyCip’s call to “LEAD, INSPIRE and TRANSFORM.”



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