John Rey L. Torres

Age: 24

Height: 5’8”

Current Location: Dubai

Philippine Hometown: Sultan Kudarat

Hobbies: Singing, playing badminton, and reading books

Job:  English teacher

Company: St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah, Dubai


John believes that fashion is life enhancing and everything that gives pleasure. Reinvent yourself when you think you’re not trend. Remember, style is knowing who you are — your identity. Get dressed even if stressed and depressed.

What’s inside your closet?

I always believe that your closet epitomizes your personality. So, I keep my essential belongings, which keep me on top in it. It is filled with my garments for work, casual wear and some stuffs to be used for work out.

What electronic gadgets are you currently using?

With the immense trend of new gadget brands which are launched in the market, I still opt to use Apple 7+ for my phone and a touched screen laptop for my work.

What’s inside your bag?

My bag is always my travel buddy and it plays a vital role in my profession. It has things important enough to complete my day: My laptop, its charger, my perfume, wax, moisturizer, pens, wallet, eyewear, toothbrush, lunchbox and some very important documents, like lesson plans and passport are all found in my bag.

What is your style of clothing?

Our style of clothing creates our own signature and sometimes it becomes our identity. My style depends on my mood or what the occasion is, for I believe that it is a statement and an art of self-expression. However, I am always in my executive ensemble or smart casual at work and for wander, denim is most likely preferred.

What clothing brands do you think closely fit your sense of fashion?

Life isn’t perfect but we can be clothed perfectly. As a simple person, clothing brands don’t matter to me as long as the style and trend apropos on me and will make me look well-dressed and smart, all these facets matter the most.

What is your favorite perfume?

With the type of perfumes that we use, we capture the beauty and essence of life. For me, the endearing aroma of Calvin Klein Eternity is something that makes me feel distinctive and fresh, the reason behind why it has become my favored perfume to use. 

What is your favorite brand of shoes?

For a person to look more presentable, a pair of shoes augments and leads you to good places. For my work out and casual shoes, I usually use Nike and Adidas and Aldo for my formal wear.

Are you a shopaholic?

Sometimes! But the price matters. So, expect me when illustrious brands are on sale. I don’t buy things, which are not very important especially if it’s exorbitant.

What inspires you or influence you to buy an item?

When buying an item, I consider a lot of things such as the quality, brand and the textile’s texture. Also, one thing to consider is if the price is right. 

What brand do you trust on your skin care?

Having a good skin doesn’t’ happen by chance. It happens by commitment and trust to the product you apply on your skin. You are because of what you use. I had been asked innumerable times of what skin care products I am using and I only have a simple riposte — for my facial regime, I use Olay and Dove soap for my body.


What is a Branded Pinoy for you?

Branded Pinoy is a highly rational being, intellectually competent, emotionally and socially connecting with others, and who always endeavors for the best. Someone who excels wherever and in whatever field he’s at. A person of humility and who uploads the ethics of Filipinos, and has the heart to help his fellowmen in times of adversities in life.




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