Honesty and integrity in the Bureau of Immigration-PH

WE JOIN the Department of Justice in the Philippines and other government and private agencies in lauding the good person and admirable deed of Immigration Officer I Reimond Abigeil B. Lagman for returning the amount of US$1,900 left at his counter on September 7, 2017.

In the words of Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II, “Honesty and Integrity in Government Service are Core Values that we want to inculcate in all our employees in the DOJ Family. By his act of returning US$ 1,900.00, that was left at his counter at NAIA Terminal I,  Immigration Officer I Reimond Abigeil B. Lagman has exemplified those valued traits.”

The act of returning the money left at his counter is truly a commendable act and should be exemplified by each and everyone of us.

We are proud of you, IO Lagman, even as we recognize the honorable act that you have brought to the entire Bureau of Immigration for the admirable deed you did — surrendering to your superiors US$ 1,900.00 left at your counter, at the NAIA Terminal I — such an act deserves our commmendation.

May the act of IO Lagman serves as an inspiration to others to serve with integrity at all times.

We are proud of you, IO Lagman, Sir! 

Our salute to you!

And, may your tribe increase.



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