Facial creams sold online may cause permanent skin damage

DUBAI – Products sold online, such as skin whitening and facial creams, could pose “grave health hazard” and permanent skin damage according to an official from the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Using these products with no prescription from doctors can also pose facial bleaching and occurrence of dark spots both in face and body.

Due to a growing demand among teenage girls who use skin-whitening products, some social media influencers take this opportunity by promoting and selling creams not prescribed by medical experts.

Ameen Hussain Al Amiri, the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing, did not mention in a report by gulfnews.com who these social media influencers were.

Influencers do online video reviews about these beauty products, then share and influence followers online.

With this, the ministry has its arm working to monitor the content of social media accounts to track suspected accounts.

Al Amiri encouraged residents to ignore these types of contents on social media, especially those products that are not medically proven to be safe or effective by the ministry.

She advised women, in general, to consult authorized health-care facilities with regard to health matters.

“Among the shocking preparations we came to notice in a video that was posted by a lady was her use of a facial skin whitener containing Dermovate cream, which is the most powerful corticosteroid used in the market to treat cases of eczema and severe psoriasis,” Anwar Al Hammadi, head of dermatology society at Emirates Medical Association, said on the same report.

Misuse of corticosteroid can cause skin numbness, atrophy, itching and stinging of skin.

She also hopes for a legislation to incriminate those who misuse medicines, particularly affecting children and teens.



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