ENGR. ELDINO ALBERTO V. CABALLES – A successful electrical engineer who shines in PVC pipes manufacturing industry

AN INSPIRING electrical engineer from Laguna, Eldino Alberto V. Caballes, is one of the best persons in the PVC pipes manufacturing industry in the GCC.

He was a fresh high school graduate when he got his first paying job as a machine shop apprentice in Manila. 

“The first major challenge in my life was to have a college education, which was answered when I was hired as an apprentice. I was able to support my studies, but it took long years of studies to finished my degree in electrical engineering. It was my work at the PVC pipes factory in Manila that paved the way for the gradual successes,” said Engr. Caballes.

Engr. Caballes obtained his degree in BS Electrical Engineering in 1978 from FEATI University in Manila.

Journey abroad

He went abroad to help his parents and his two brothers in their college education. 

“It was in early 1981 when my shift staff asked me to join them in applying for an overseas job in Saudi Arabia. I was hired as Production Supervisor. Dammam, Saudi Arabia was a developing city in 1981 and I felt that the place was a good place to work at although I had that culture shock during my first few months. My impression changed when my colleagues at work indulged in sports activities during our free time,” he narrated.

“I became the best supervisor in the company, earning the praise of my superiors and peers. Then, in 1986, our plant manager asked me to join him when he transferred to Kuwait. He was the same person who brought me (here) in Abu Dhabi, where I had stayed for more than 25 years.” It is through patience and perseverance that I was able to scale the ladder of success to where I am during the day of my retirement. My yearning for excellence in everything I do and honesty at work is always in my heart,” he continued.


Like an eagle, his spiritual animal, he was able to fly high in the Middle East. 

“As a Production Manager, my primary objective was to ensure the smooth flow of work process in the manufacture of PVC pipes and fittings. This was being done through proper coordination with other departments. The main task was to organize, direct, control, and lead the production department to ensure the daily output of 45 metric tons of finished-products with minimum rejections,” Engr. Caballes said.

One of the most exciting work-related projects he was involved was the commissioning of first production line from Cincinnati Extrusion (Austria) in 2005. 

“Everybody had failed to provide the proper answer to the failures of the commissioning. I was asked to head the commissioning team when a new Cincinnati engineer was to arrive to resolve the issues. My technical reports were accepted by the visiting engineer and my recommendation for the replacement of important machine parts was agreed upon. It took another six months for the replacement, but it was worth waiting as we were able to have the final machine acceptance report, the machine capable of producing 1100 kilograms of PVC pipes per hour,” he said. 

A better life

He was born in Pagsanjan, Laguna, to Alberto B. Caballes and Patricia R. Valente. His father was a farmer. He has two siblings, namely: Federico V. Caballes, a Safety Engineer and, Sonny V. Caballes, a Safety and Security Manager. 

“My main goal in life was to provide a better life to my parents when they were still alive while having a family of my own. My family is always my inspiration and I always dedicate my achievements to them. I always believe that serving our loved ones, our fellowmen, and doing our work properly is also a way of serving God,” said Engr. Caballes. 

He got married on December 13, 1990, to Belen Calica, a Chemical Engineering graduate of St. Louis University in Baguio City. She’s a full-time housewife. He has four children, a girl and three boys. They are Ma, Jessabelle, 24, an Interior Design Officer; Dino Jason, 21, a Visual Communications Artist; Jerome, 13; and Jullian, 7.

A product of public school system, he graduated at Sta. Cruz Elementary School (1966) and P. Guevarra Memorial High School (1970) 1st Honorable Mention both in the town of Sta. Cruz in Laguna. While overseas, he pursued his MBA (2009) and PhD in Business Management (2014) through the Graduate School – Middle East Extension Program of the Philippine Christian University.

Now at the age of 64, Eldino has set his eyes on retirement.



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