The coming to form of Philippine federalism

NOT SO much about the P1,000 budget for the Human Rights Commission, the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples and the Energy Regulatory Commission. To pursue a comprehensive study of the proposed shift to... Read more »

Test tube babies are legitimate

Atty. Barney, I and my husband are planning to have a baby through artificial insemination. We would like to know if the Philippine law will recognize the baby as our legitimate child.... Read more »

Berting Kirat Revisited

This story was originally written under my byline, “The Mysterious Life of Berting Kirat,” on September 3, 2004.  It was a time when corruption was rampant in Philippine government.  With all the corruption and smuggling... Read more »

Repeat warning to privacy

THE reminder of the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi to the Filipino community of taking of photos and videos in restricted areas, including consular missions and military facilities in the UAE, and that... Read more »

Lack of parental consent ground for annulment in the Philippines

Atty. Barney, our 19-year-old daughter married her boyfriend in the Philippines last month without our knowledge and consent. Can my wife and I file an annulment of their marriage? – Arnulfo Yes,... Read more »

Can Donald duck impeachment?

With a belligerent attitude towards his own party, President Donald Trump faces a mounting opposition from his fellow Republicans in just about every move he makes.  In particular, Senate Republicans are divided on several... Read more »

EDITORIAL – Mobile schools for PWDs

Statistics show poor school participation among children with disabilities. The reason for this is obvious. A study conducted by the Philippine state think tank, Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), explained that the... Read more »