Honesty and integrity in the Bureau of Immigration-PH

WE JOIN the Department of Justice in the Philippines and other government and private agencies in lauding the good person and admirable deed of Immigration Officer I Reimond Abigeil B. Lagman for returning... Read more »

FREE LEGAL AID & SEMINAR Credit Card and Bank Loans 17 November 2017 (Friday)

2:30 PM at the Philippine Embassy, Abu Dhabi Know your rights and obligations Police Case Bounced Cheques Bank Settlements Court Case Abusive Debt Collectors Central Bank Blacklist How to restructure your loans from... Read more »

ASEAN, how beneficial?

Communication and Information researchers give different views on how important the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN to its members, even as some of them claimed that the business sector in the... Read more »

Solo Parents’ Welfare Act

Atty. Barney, since 2015, I have been living separately from my husband. Our two daughters are with me and I am taking the full responsibility of raising and supporting them. Am I... Read more »

The Donald and Kim Road Show

Many call it Cold War while some call it World War III in the making.  And there are a growing number of people – experts – who believe that it is a case of... Read more »

Protection and promotion of migrant workers’ rights

In 2007, during the Philippines’ chairmanship of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the summit adopted the theme “One Caring and Sharing Community” to highlight the importance of the socio-cultural dimension of the... Read more »

Extrajudicial settlement of estate in the Philippines

Atty. Barney, without last will and testament, my father died last month leaving real estate properties which are registered under his name. My mother died a year ago and I have 2... Read more »

The Marcoses’ obsession with power

If forty-five years after the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed martial law and 31 years after he was deposed by the People Power Revolution of 1986, you’d think that his heirs would stay... Read more »

Harassment against ex-girlfriend is punishable by R.A. 9262

Atty. Barney, I am an OFW in Dubai but currently here in the Philippines for my annual leave. Last week, I broke up with my boyfriend for two years. Two days after... Read more »

‘Dutertesized’ Supreme Court

WITH PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s appointment of four new Supreme Court justices, he has achieved in creating a bloc of magistrates in the High Court who are expected to support his agenda in a... Read more »