‘Hoverbike’ empowers Dubai Police force Flies up to 5 meters carrying 300 kg in 70 kph

DUBAI – Dubai Police unveils a new state-of-the-art technology to aid them in serving the people in the city better — the “hoverbike” or simply, flying motorbike. Co-developed by Russian drone manufacturer... Read more »

Netizen warns on wearing clothing of ‘madam’

DUBAI – A Filipina netizen has recently posted a screenshot of a conversation she had with her friend in Saudi Arabia that is making the rounds on Facebook now. The conversation started... Read more »

UAE shutters highlight Dubai architectural designs Photographers walk, make new friends, share photos

DUBAI – To mark the tenth anniversary of Scott Kelby’s Word Wide Photo Walk, amateur and professional photographers in the UAE highlighted and showcased the architectural design of Dubai. The one-day event was... Read more »

Stay active and join the #Dubai30x30 challenge Dubai’s Crown Prince challenge residents to exercise 30 minutes every day for 30 days

DUBAI – In an effort to make the residents lead healthier lives, Dubai has launched the Dubai Fitness Challenge under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of... Read more »

Slow down on 2 of Dubai’s expressways New speed limit starts on Sunday

DUBAI – Brace your break pedals for a lower speed limit on two of Dubai’s expressways. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Emirates Road (E611) will now have a speed limit... Read more »

Women urged to do regular breast cancer screening If detected early, survival rate is 98 percent

DUBAI – Medical experts based in the UAE are urging the residents to do regular breast cancer screening to battle against breast cancer. “Breast cancer is the number once cancer in women... Read more »

UAE to cut back oil production next month Reducing to 139,000 barrels per day

DUBAI – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be cutting back its oil production next month, the UAE Ministry of Energy has announced. UAE’s Minister of Energy, Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris... Read more »

Switching to e-cigarettes? May not just be a good idea

DUBAI – With the application of excise tax on cigarettes, smokers will tend to use e-cigarettes or vapes. But how safe are e-cigars? Although most smokers are convinced it’s, at least, safer... Read more »

Businesses warned to comply with tax laws or pay hefty fines Fines start no less than AED 500 and not more than triple the value of tax on transaction in question

DUBAI – Business owners have been warned that they would be faced with penalties if caught violating the country’s tax law. As of Sunday, October 1, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has... Read more »

Use Dubai app to refuel-Install ‘Dubai Now’ app to pay at ENOC petrol stations

DUBAI – Paying for your fuel at petrol stations will now be much easier than ever. One does not need to carry cash or credit card. Just grab your phone to refuel.... Read more »