Justin Andrew S. Sepulveda 

– Lawyer in the making

Age: 17

Height: 5’6″

Current Location: Al Satwa, Dubai

Philippine Hometown: Quezon City

Hobbies: Photography, football, public speaking and cooking

Job: Student at Far Eastern Private School

Justin is a member of FEPS’ cheer dance group coached by their awesome coach Jove Mogol. Our Branded Pinoy this week loves to cook. He started cooking at the age of 7. He loves to learn continuously. Justin joined Toastmasters international Oryx gavel club, in order to enhance his public speaking skills. Playing Football and photography are just some of his hobbies while studying at the same time.

What’s inside your bag?

School-related things such as books and a pair of eyeglasses. I love reading books even in the dark which gives me poor eyesight. I always keep a picture of my family to remember that they’re the reason why I study hard.


What’s inside your closet?

Different brands of bag and clothes because I love fashion. I have a mirror, to see myself each day growing. I also have a rosary, to give me confidence and strength throughout the day.


What electronic gadgets are you currently using?

I’m using mobile, laptop, camera. These things save time and get the work done. Having a gadget to help you through everyday school works is very convenient. It also allows you to communicate with people you love even though you’re miles away from each other. And a camera to capture the beauty of life.


What is your style of clothing?

It depends on the occasion and the place I’m going to. I usually wear casual clothes because it is very comfortable.


What clothing brands do you think closely fit your fashion?

Well, I don’t have a specific brand, I’m the type of guy who tries different kind of brands and outfits, because I believe that it’s not the brand that matters, it’s the style.


What is your favorite brand of shoes?

Picking a brand of shoes is like having a crush, even though you like the brand and shoes, you’ll still pick the shoes you’re comfortable in. But by observing the quality of shoes, Nike would be the answer.


Are you a shopaholic? 

I do love shopping, but I also do love saving money. That’s why I believe that the answer is no. Shopping is fun and entertaining but saving money to achieve a certain goal is much more entertaining and challenging.


What inspires or influences you to buy an item?

There’s always what you “want” and what you “need.” I always buy items which are needed, practically speaking. I always think before I spend. Some says that it’s just money. But it’s the money that my parents worked hard for, so I decided to use it wisely. But I buy things that I want in order to give myself some pleasure.


What brands do you trust for your skin care?

I have sensitive skin, that is why I only use carrot soap and Kojic skin care products


What is Branded Pinoy for you?

A 17-year old boy with dreams and fantasies, given the chance to be featured on Branded Pinoy, I believe that Branded Pinoy brings out the best of you as a person. It gives every single OFW/Filipino living, not just in the UAE, but around the world the confidence and pride of being a Filipino. Continue being such an inspiration! Proud to be Pinoy!

Ang Hinaing sa Pagtatanim

Reya Bato Cruz

Nakikinig ba ang


sa panaghoy ng lupa

nang maramdaman nito

ang hapdi ng pagsugat ng araro

upang maipunla ang

natutulog na mga


Nararamdaman lang ba

ng lupa ang sakit

na dulot ng araro

o nararanasan din niya

ang saya ng punla


sa pagdating ng araw,

Araw ng Pagsibol?



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