Friday , 6 March 2015
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Kabayan Weekly Newspaper reaches new heights

Kabayan Weekly Newspaper reaches new heights

CAPTION: Kabayan Weekly Marketing and Event Manager Rayhman Luckmann said that the additional newspaper copies will expand more markets throughout the Emirates.

DUBAI – Kabayan Weekly, the first and only Philippine newspaper of general circulation in the United Arab Emirates has increase its paper production from forty thousand to fifty thousand copies starting this twenty second issue.

In an interview with Atallah Muhammad Habib, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Kabayan Weekly, he verbalized the success of the newspaper which was born last May 9th, 2011 and slowly becoming one of the top notch sources of information, knowledge and opinion of the latest trends and issues in the region. “I am overwhelmed by the response of the society particularly the Filipino community with the rise of the paper,” he added.

“The additional newspaper copies will bring more connections and publicity among the Filipinos in UAE. Rayhman Luckmann, Marketing and Event Manager of Kabayan Weekly stated openly. He further added that,“this will mark the much awaited improvement by public demand for the newspaper as it needs expansion and growth towards being known in the market  throughout the Emirates.”

Ms. Nemia Macabugao Puyot, Operations Manager of Kabayan Weekly also commented, “that with the joint effort of the editorial staff and the reporters/contributors we can achieve more for the benefit of the Pinoy expats here in the UAE.”

Kabayan Weekly is a FREE newspaper which contains thirty two pages of intellectually stimulating, mind nourishing and knowledge empowering articles and write ups involving Filipinos in the UAE and current events from the home country. It has sections pertinent to legal and medical concerns that will keep the reader updated with the latest laws and diagnostics respectively.

In addition to the weekly production of the newspaper, Kabayan Weekly has also a supplement magazine that is out every quarter of the year. Another surprise for the entertaining public is the Kabayan Weekly sponsored game show that is tentatively scheduled to start early next year on selected malls in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi every weekend.


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