Saturday , 28 February 2015
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Poem of View – Rain
Photo by Andrade Naron

Poem of View – Rain

Photo by Andrade Naron

I woke up to the sounds of rain

I saw people running here and there

On that moment I sat up near the bus window pane

Witnessing people’s feeling weren’t the same


Few were worried, some were happy

Few were running,while some were dancing

Men and women were running with cover

While children never stop playing together


I laid back on my seat

Listening to the lullabies it brought to my ears

I felt something different as it purifies me

Every stroke of water filled me in


See how the amazing rain cleanses the earth

Like tears falling from our eyes from earthly dearth

When there’s rain I’ve never felt weary and blue

Each drop counts which make me someone new

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